Yoga on Broadway and Relic Clothing 3 in Downtown Lorain

Yoga on Broadway and Relic Clothing 3 in Downtown Lorain

A yoga instructor and creator of recycled fashions are some of the latest people to move to downtown Lorain.

The second floor of 668 Broadway is being renovated into a giant studio for the Black River Innovative Artist Residence.

There are two new tenants, Asana Yoga, led by instructor Brandy Konery, and Tame, the sewing and showing space of designerShelby Anderson.

Broadwaves Studios, an audio, video and live streaming production facility, and Relic Clothing 3 are also included.

Yoga on Broadway

Konery said she ran for years natural yoga wear.

A friend of Konery’s earned a yoga instructor certification and asked her family and friends to attend yoga classes to improve their skills.

As she participated in yoga classes, she became more interested.

Ashtanga yoga is a major source of Indian yoga and the theory and types of yoga that led to that.

She earned her certification through The Studio Cleveland.

Konery leads Tuesday afternoon lunchtime yoga sessions there.

She works as a night shift cardiac nurse and is a mother to a 9-year-old boy.

The BRIAR was recommended to the photographer by her studio, which is across the street.

Konery said that it seemed like a good fit with the local artists.

She said that she wanted to be able to offer new students yoga services, but without having to pay a lot. I wanted to be able to give back to the community and not have it burden them financially.

It is a pay-what-you-can scale. It is what you can, there is no fee.

The space is very nice. I know it is a work in progress, but that big room is really cool, all the big windows and the lighting is great.

Konery will have a schedule that varies depending on when she is most available to work.

She also intends to schedule private lessons.

Theall said that they always wanted to offer yoga in the room. When we met Brandy, she gave us the motivation to finish that room.

It has been a long process and here we are, and little-by-little, it is all coming together.

Konery said there is more to be discovered in the downtown area.

Konery said that he would never have known about the improvements down here if he hadn’t met his photographer in the studio. I didn’t realize how much was going on over here.

New old clothes

Anderson has lived around Ohio, Washington, D.C., and Brooklyn, New York.

After living in Cleveland for three years, she and Timur moved to Amherst to be closer to family.

House of Tame is her brand and business which has gained followers.

Anderson grew up shopping at thrift stores with her mother.

Anderson said that he felt like he was young and cool because he had to find something different.

As a high school punk rock fan, Anderson was influenced by the styles that people altered to fit their own tastes.

She personalizes clothes for the person.

Her line emphasizes denim, especially Levi’s jeans, because they are amazing.

Anderson said that the reworked vintage fashion line is a different way of recycling.

She said nothing new. There is a lot of secondhand clothing and vintage clothing.

Anderson is trying to produce zero waste so fabric scraps may end up being bags or quilt squares.

She has used it for display and production before.

Anderson said she was excited about the space.

Theall said that there was still a lot of room in the place. The stuff in there seems to be bigger than when it was empty.

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