Vuori Vs Lululemon – Which Is Better?

Vuori Vs Lululemon – Which Is Better?

There is nothing better than a versatile outfit that you can wear all the time.

There is a new brand on the block: California-based Vuori, which is known for its ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

We narrowed down the winners of the yoga debate to help you decide which yoga brand is best for you.

Which one is better? Who has the best yoga wear? We compared the top sellers from each brand in different categories.

The highest quality yoga and athleisure outfits are available on the market.

The Best Vuori and Lululemon Gear

The name of the product is Materials.

Buttery soft, stretchy, sweat wicking, and 28 amazing color tie dye shorts options can be found in the Align Signature NLU fabric.

The versatile loose fit, cozy smooth on the skin, and stretchy (no-digging in) waistband of the Vuori Performance Joggers are what they are.

Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester Flatteringly oversized, slightly cropped, hidden phone sleeve, and cozy warm fabric with zip and mesh for ventilating View Product

Ultra-supportive lift for high-impact exercise without bounce is provided by the Air Support Bra.

A super cute eco-friendly top with light built-in bra and luxe soft fabric is available.

Eco-friendly, soft and stretchy with chic cuffed hem and back pockets, this is the best men’s yoga pants.

The In Mind pant is 85% nylon and 15% elastane and has a slim fit with mesh and sweat-wicking properties.

The Vuori Banks Short is Breathable, anti-odor, and has an open leg hem.

What is Vuori?

A California-based brand is called Vuori. Quality clothing is created by combining fitness, surf, sport, and art.

Fair labor practices and strict environmental policies are ensured by the brand. A focus on sustainable materials, waste production, and offsetting 100% of carbon footprint is what they prioritize.

From yoga to running, Vuori specializes in premium, premium clothes. Premium quality joggers, leggings, sports bras, and mens technical activewear are what they are known for.

What is Lululemon?

In the late 90s, Lululemon started making premium yoga wear for high-end studios in Canada. Affectionately called “Lulu” by its cult following, this brand is associated with the highest quality, soft, performance equipment.

Nulu, Luon, and Everlux are all signature fabrics that offer technical training benefits that they have narrowed down to a science. They are best known for their leggings and yoga tights.

Vuori vs Lululemon

The styles of yoga wear are similar. The style of Vuori is mostly earth-toned. There is a more vibrant high-end and polished look to the signature modern chic. Both brands appeal to a wide range of people.


The luxury price points of most activewear brands are where Vuori and Lululemon are found. There is a similar price point for leggings and sports bras.

The price range for the most famous leggings is between $90 and $120, with a reputation for being incredibly soft, lightweight, and durable.


While Lulu has an ambitious impact agenda that includes 100% renewable electricity in their facilities and a move toward recycled packaging, Vuori is the leader in eco-conscious apparel production.

They want to reach 80% sustainable materials by 2022. They use recycled water bottles and nylon from fishing nets to make their products.

The certified organic cotton of Vuori is non-toxic. They work with a number of certifiers to make sure their clothing is non-toxic and earth-friendly.

Social Consciousness

There are fair wages, safe working conditions, and socially conscious labor practices when it comes to the production of clothing.

The Centre for Social Impact helps break down barriers to accessing exercise and wellbeing by investing in community resources and tools around the globe. The multimillion dollar global wellbeing grants make you feel good about supporting the company and getting amazing athletic wear at the same time.

There are a number of high-quality labor standards for both factories and their headquarters. They are dedicated to equal opportunity, diversity, and living wages while taking a strong stand against child labor in the apparel industry. Joggers and athletic wear with conscience.

Best Joggers

The joggers made from recycled water bottles and the joggers made from Nulu fabric are both sustainable. Lulu’s joggers are the most luxurious against the skin and have the most color variations. With joggers becoming more popular, it is difficult to pick between Vuori vs Lulu, but we think we know who will win.

Top 8 Picks

See the latest price for the best hoodie #1.

Maybe it is a cliche. The leggings are famous. Ask anyone who has worn them for a day and they will say it was worth it. Four-way stretch, body-hugging, crazy soft, super lightweight, sweatwicking, and just so dang flattering- yoga leggings don’t come much better than this.

Everyone’s favorite pair of leggings, as well as several lengths with or without pockets, are available in high rise and ultra high rise styles, as well as several lengths with or without pockets.

Pros 28+ color options

  • Inclusive sizing
  • 3 length options
  • 2 rise options
  • Luxuriously butter soft

Stretchy, flattering, and squat-proof Cons Cons

  • High price point ($98-$118)
  • It may differ from other brands.

The best sports bra is the AirSupport Bra.

The pants are called “the pants you’ll never want to take off” With a slim and relaxed fit, the Vuori Performance Jogger beats the Align Joggers on 3 fronts: they can be worn low or high on the waist, they are more loose and cozy, and the waistband is stretchy.

These are the best joggers I have found because they are flattering on all body types and are very sweat-wicking.

Pros 14 color options

  • Dreamy soft performance fabric
  • Loose and stretchy without looking baggy
  • Functional pockets
  • Lay-flat drawstring (waist-flattering!)

If you have bigger hips, you may need to size up.

  • Large pockets may affect how fabric lays

The Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie has the latest price.

The 1/2 zip hoodie is chic without being too warm. The Scuba hoodie was designed for anyone on-the-move, whether to and from the studio or out for a casual afternoon. The cotton-blend fabric is soft on the skin.

The waist-length, relaxed fit includes an innerkangaroo pocket with a hidden phone sleeve and thumbholes for warm hands.

Pros 4 cozy color options

  • Flattering oversized, slightly cropped fit
  • Cuddly soft cotton-blend
  • 1/2 zip for easy cooling

There is a hidden phone pocket.

  • Depending on your torso length, may be too long.

The best sports bra is the AirSupport Bra.

High support for high impact movement and yoga flows is provided by this bra.

The ribbed underband prevents bouncing. The smooth Ultralu fabric is easy to wash and dry.

Pros Perfectly designed for larger breasts (C-DDD)

  • Extremely supportive for yoga, running and more
  • Soft and stretchy (no digging into your skin)
  • Everything is in place thanks to a lightweight internal structure.

The Cons High price point was lifted.

  • Only 3 color options

The latest price on the best yoga tank.

If you are looking for a tank top that is functional and dreamy for yoga or lounging in, Vuori’s Halo crop is the one for you.

This top is perfect for any eco-conscious yogi who wants to feel sexy and free to move. The double strapped open back is eye catching.

Pros 7 earthy colors

  • Luxuriously soft
  • Recycled materials
  • Built-in bra with removable cups
  • Moisture wicking

It’s not supportive for high-impact workouts.

The latest price on the best yoga loungewear.

There is a stretchy flattering waistband and back pockets with organic cotton french terry.

The best loungewear outfit is the one that uses an organic ultra- soft fabric to make sweatpants that are relaxed without being sloppy. These are easy to wear after a sweaty yoga sesh or while lounging around.

Pros Organic cotton blended with 5% elastane

  • Elastic cuffed ankles
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Relaxed yet chic fit

Back pockets Cons Only 3 color options

See the latest price for the Best Men’s yoga pants.

The men’s yoga line is limited, but that doesn’t mean they skimped on quality These yoga pants are made for yoga.

The fabric is cooling and has a built in mesh. There is a slim fit in the thighs. Hidden pockets for keys, wallet, and phone are included.

  • Slim tapered fit
  • Perfect for hot yoga
  • Ultra stretchy for easy flows

Hidden pockets Cons Higher price point ($118)

  • Available online only

The best men’s yoga shorts are the Vuori Banks shorts.

The men’s yoga shorts are inspired by surf and running gear. They are made from recycled plastic bottles and a small amount of elastane. These shorts are the most universal you could ask for.

Pros 12 color/pattern options

  • Scalloped leg opening for freedom of movement
  • Mesh pockets
  • Breathable and anti-odor
  • Recycled fabric material

Under $70 Cons No lining (for versatility)

Are Vuori and Lululemon worth the money?

These two brands are very close. They have different fabrics, different styles, and different price points on the premium side. At the end of the day, everything we have tried from the two of them is up to the hype.

Yes, if you care about sustainability…

The way to go if you want to be more eco-friendly is to go to Vuori. Their dedication to sustainable manufacturing as well as their close attention to fair wages make Vuori clothing worth the extra money. Some of the best joggers and shirts are made by them. You can feel it.

Yes, if you want luxury performance…

It’s worth every penny when it comes to yoga fashion and flexibility. I was skeptical of anyone who would spend over $100 on a pair of leggings until I tried them on. If you only ever buy one pair of yoga tights, it’s worth it. I hope no one will notice, but I wear them on a daily basis.


Both Lululemon and Vuori have great athletic wear. Money can’t buy the best pair of tights, but it can buy amazing tanks and joggers. It comes down to personal preferences.

Do you have any experience with either yoga or yoga mats? What do you think?

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