Top 13 Offline Shooting Games For Android

Top 13 Offline Shooting Games For Android

Are you unable to play your favorite game because of slow internet?

It sounds frustrating. You need offline shooting games. There are games that do not require an internet connection to play.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best offline shooting games. Take your mobile gaming experience to a new level by referring to a power-packed game.

You can play offline shooting games on the phone.

We have a top-rated offline shooter game.

#1. N.O.V.A Legacy

N.O.V.A Legacy is one of the most popular offline shooter games. There is a game where the player has to face colonial administration forces.

The main characters of the game are Kal Wardin, a veteran mariner of N.O.V.A., and Yelena, his agent. The characters have to fight against invaders.

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The game offers:

There are powerful weapons and assault rifles in there.

Deathmatch is a new mode where up to 6 players can play the game at the same time.

The game has a variety of alien skins that can be used to create your own look.

N.O.V.A Legacy is a perfect option for offline games.

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Dead Trigger 2 is a game.

This zombie-inspired shooter game is on our list nation creator. It has a download of over 100 million. You have to use different strategies to stay in the game.

The game offers:

There are 33 different battlefields.

To stay in the game, you need to build your Hideout.

There are 70 types of gun weapons to choose from.

There are many brutal weapons that you can use to fight for your life.

The game can be played with a controller.

You can experience cutting-edge graphics with this best offline shooting game.

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#3. Cover Fire – Offline Shooting Games

There is a permanent place in the list for this one. It has a huge list of characters and weapons to choose from. Each style of the game has a unique ability to fight different types of battles in the game

The game offers:

There is a story mode in the game where you need to be careful.

You can also enjoy the online tournament mode

High definition graphics with various challenging modes

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#4. Sniper X With Jason Statham

This is a dream come true for all of you. The game gives you the chance to team up with your favorite fighter and face the evil forces.

The team of elite mercenaries, Spear, is the team that your character in the game is a part of. The commander of Spear is also the voice of the game.

The game offers:

You are his teammate in the game.

The game requires less than 100 MB.

Great graphics with various mode

It occupies less than 100 MB of your total memory space, despite being loaded with features and graphics.

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#5. Overkill 3

In Overkill 3 players have to fight against evil forces in order to survive. There is a game where you can play with friends. You can chat with your teammates in the chat room.

Each player has an online profile that shows their achievements. The players are supposed to use lightning, guns, and super-power to defeat their enemies.

The game offers:

Console quality graphics.

3D effects and easy controls.

Ever-changing gameplay with varied environments.

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#6. Hitman Sniper

One of the best offline shooting games is on the store. It has advanced features that make you feel like a professional.

The player is called Agent 47 and he is supposed to take down his enemies using his rifle.

You can choose from more than 150 different levels. Just like a hitman, you will be given specific tasks to complete. You can collect as many guns as you want.

The game offers:

You need to kill the enemy with your gun.

There are more than 150 levels in the game.

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#7. LONEWOLF (17+) – a Sniper Story

This is one of the best offline shooting games on the market. It is not meant for children. Let’s take a look at some of the features.

The game offers:

The storyline keeps unwrapping itself during the game.

It is an exciting and challenging game that keeps you tied up for long hours.

Lone Wolf is what you need to check your shooting skills and play a ruthless shooting game.

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#8. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 deserves a permanent spot on our list of top offline shooting games because of its console-quality graphics and elements of a game. You can play the world of high-tech body implants, upgradable weapons, movie-quality sound effects, breathtaking graphics, and stunning effects.

The game offers:

The game is based on a Japanese game called shuriken. The players get a lot of weapons and implants to improve their powers.

The enhanced on-screen controls can be easily changed.

You get around 10 hours of special mission and 20 hours of game play with this game.

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#9. Mad Bullets – Free Shooting Game

Without this game, a search for offline shooting games wouldn’t be complete. The game in the Wild West is fast paced and dangerous.

If you want a break from intense shooting games and want to try something funny with quirky characters and a funny game style, then this free game is for you. This is a funny and light-hearted game.

The game offers:

The ideal games are for the person who doesn’t like shooting games.

No one expects a shooting game to have attractive graphics.

There is a free game that will make you laugh.

#10. Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival

Into the Dead is the best zombie game. It provides an array of elements.

The player has to protect itself from being attacked in a world of zombies in the game

The player has to face many challenges and missions in order to win the game. Run and find as many zombies as you can.

The game offers:

There are over 7 chapters and 60 stages.

As you progress, you can upgrade your weapons as you please.

The games offer a variety of gameplay

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#11. Death Race

The players are supposed to race for their freedom in this version of the death race movies. There are a lot of features in this free shooting game.

You can win and earn your freedom by defeating your rivals. Death Race is an offline shooting game.

The game offers:

There is a mix of shooting and car racing in this game.

There are amazing weapons to choose from.

If you want to win the race, kill all your opponents.

#12. Shadowgun

Shadowgun is a movie based on a bounty hunter. The game ends with the death of a person. You will get advanced weapons, ships, and S.A.R.A assistance to fight the enemy. The game is called Shadowgun.

The game offers:

There is a single-player game.

Survive and kill the enemies.

The game can be played with a gamepad connected to your devices.

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#13. Deus Ex GO

The game is set in the year 2077. It has a technologically advanced time.

The main character in the game is a former British SAS Mercenary who is fighting against a conspiracy.

The game offers:

Prepare a strategy to solve the problem.

Limited time events to unlock new powers

You need to plan and execute to kill the opponents.

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#14. Real Commando 3D Sniper Shooter

We have a military game next in the list. The game has online games. This game has an amazing storyline to follow and will keep you entertained for hours. More than 100 million people have played the game. This shooting game has a lot of missions and engaging mechanics.

The game offers:

It’s a great game to play.

The game has a very smooth game play.

It has a mission that may interest the people who are looking for a sniper game.

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Play your favorite shooting games without the internet.

Each of the picks has something unique and exciting to offer.

Choose one from the list. Please let us know if you think we have missed something.

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