The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000 USD

The Best Gaming Laptops Under 1000 USD

Things to Look For

I am going to rank the best gaming laptop under 1000USD based on features, and then compare it to the best gaming laptop over there.

Build Quality

At this price point, you will not get top tier 10gb network card build quality. I prefer a plastic one over a metal one. The Dell 7567 is my top pick. The structure is strong. It feels weird to have the toughest thing.

I think the ASUS GL 553 is second place. It has a plastic bottom and an aluminum top panel.

The Y520 and the VX15 are both built well.

Screen Quality

The Dell 7567 was originally launched with aTwisted Nematic panel Dell realized that they made a huge mistake, and now they are usingIPS panels.

It is not the best of the bunch but it is better than it used to be. There is a winner here.

The runner-up would be the GL. They are more expensive and you have to pay a bit more to get a better screen. If you’re looking for something that’s brighter or more color accurate in that 1000 $ price range, these are my top two choices.

The rest of them are the same. The Dell with its new panel comes out a bit ahead of the other two, but they are not as good as the other two.

Both the Dell 7567 and the HP Omen have 4k options. The panel looks good. There is a display. The Dell panel is 4k.

If you want, you can upgrade all of these panels, not just the ones on the table, but the ones that are off frame right now, but you can take all the panels out and buy them online.

It can be done but it is not easy. If you are stuck with a laptop that doesn’t have the best screen, you can buy bright and accurate panels online and do it yourself.


Here is a chart of what ports and drives the devices have. At this price point, no one has Thunderbolt 3 support. You can add memory and storage drives if you want. The Dell 7566 is the easiest to upgrade.

It feels like it was built for the user to open it, because there is a single screw to get inside. The Saber 15 or the Clevo has the most ports, but some of them are located on the bottom right, which can make it a little cluttered.

If you need optical drives, the Asus and theMSI have them.

I have to say that theMSI GE62 is the winner because of its good port selection and good connection.


All of them have good keyboards. They are all good. The GE62 is my favorite keyboard. There is a keyboard with back lighting. I think the second place would go to the Y 520.


Track pads are different. The laptops I mentioned have not-so-good trackpads. The Dell 7567 has a plastic surface, windows precision drivers, and a good button mechanism.

I like it. I don’t think any of the others are as good. I prefer to click on the Dell over the dedicated buttons on the Sabre.


Two things affect laptop performance. The components are the first thing and the second thing is how well the components are cooled.

They won’t run as well if you don’t cool them properly. To have the best performance, you need to mix the two.

Most of the laptops come in two configurations, i5 and i7. The i5 is fine if you only play games, but I would upgrade to an i7.

The best thermal performance goes to the Dell 7567, which is powered by a KabyLake i7 chip. I can’t get this thing to stop.

It was really cool. I ranked them from best to worst in terms of how hot theCPU gets when it’s running the 3DMark stress test, and then I gave them some scores from Fire Strike.

Keep in mind that the temperatures are from a benchmark This gives us a rough idea of what regular gaming and video editing can do. The fan noise is caused by the Kaby Lake processors that are running.

They are pretty efficient. When the laptops are not running, the fans are not needed. The battle for first place is a close one. I think it is a toss-up between Dell and HP.


The leaders of speakers are the Dell and the Lenovo. The Dell is better. You can hear the lower frequencies better if you have a sub. It is not a heavy bass.

There is a better location for the speakers. It is up on top so it can project upward. The effect is very strong. If you don’t want headphones or don’t want to use headphones at all, these are good for you. The speakers are nice as well.

Battery Life

Let us discuss battery life. Check it out. Dell is the leader here. It is larger than the other models. All of these are measured on a large screen. The battery life will go down if you upgrade to a 4k panel.

If my laptop can even get to that brightness, I set it to 250 nits. I run the script that does web browsing and text input when I set it at 250.


I think the winner of the last category is the Y 520. You can get a chip for games for 850 bucks, which is a really powerful chip for games, and you still get a 2-year warranty.

Every laptop here has some strengths and weaknesses, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them. Everyone’s choice is a little bit different, so if you’re wondering what my top choices are, it’s the Dell 7566.

They kind of nailed my preference for a bigger battery and a really good build quality. This only applies to the new panel If they didn’t have a new panel, I would have gone for the other one.

If you have the TN panel, it is not as good as the newIPS panel, but you can always shop online and swap it for a new one, I mentioned.

You can get some really good panels for a hundred bucks on this model, and it’s not that expensive.

Laptops to Avoid

I do not recommend purchasing 3 laptops.

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