NewAir Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

NewAir Dual Zone Wine Fridge Review

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The Antarctic Star wine and beverage minifridge is the best value buy on our list. The ideal temperature for storing wine is 55 degrees F, while the optimal temperature is 40 degrees F. It’s easy to fit the cooler in any room because it illuminates the interior with a blue light. Pros 1-year warranty is larger than most Key Features Freestanding

  • Custom temperate setting

There are shelves, a glass door, and a set of legs.

  • Size: 7.44″ x 17.7″ x 19″
  • Weight: 35.8 lbs

The NewAir 16-Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge is an excellent option. The exterior digital thermostat keeps the wine cool. The exterior of your kitchen or bar area is made of polished steel and has a soft interior. The fridge is able to fit 16 regular bottles, but it does not have a rack to fit all bottles. Pros Classic is a steel exterior.

They are available for an additional cost and do not have a warranty.

Does not indicate if it has cans.

  • Digital thermostat to set custom temperature

Equipped with movable shelves Specifications Brand: NewAir

  • Size: 18.90″D x 16.93″W x 20.28″H
  • Weight: 37.2 lbs

The Freestanding Wine and Beverage Fridge Bundle is a New Air best seller. The bundle comes with two minifridges to hold all your beverages. There are 126 cans in the beer fridge. The compression cooling wine fridge can hold up to 28 bottles of wine. Both have shelves that can be rearranged to fit your needs. The economical bundle will keep you stocked for beer drinkers and winos. A set of mini fridges for beer and wine.

It’s difficult to find places for both fridges.

Key Features Freestanding are available for an additional cost.

  • Digital thermostat to set custom temperature
  • Movable shelves
  • Beer fridge fits up to 126 cans

The wine fridge can hold up to 28 bottles.

  • The dimensions are 16.93′′D x 18.90′′W x 33.46′′H.
  • Set of 2
  • Weight: 62.7 lbs / 62.85 lbs

The Danby Silhouette is best for small spaces in kitchens and bars because it takes up as little space best propane generators as possible. Don’t let the small size fool you; this model still has 27 wine bottles. You can monitor and set the thermostat to a specific temperature, as needed. This sleek steel skinny model will fit well in any open space and has a door that can be left or right handed. Key Features Freestanding are designed for small spaces of only 12′′ wide.

  • Fits up to 27 bottles

The brand is Danby.

  • Size: 23.69″D x 12″W x 34.6″H
  • Weight: 92.4 lbs

The NewAir dual zone wine fridge is the first built-in cooler on the list. The model has up to 46 bottles of wine in it. This model has a digital thermostat on the exterior that can be set between 40 and 66 degrees F. The dual cooling zones for red and white wine are available for an additional cost.

  • Fits up to 46 bottles
  • Digital thermostat to set custom temperature

New Air has triple glass doors for insulation and protection.

  • Size: 22.5″D (24.00″ w/handle) x 23.5″W x 33″H
  • Weight: 104 lbs

The Bells & Whistles New Air 27” 160 bottle Built-in dual zone wine fridge is the wine fridge for you. The New Air dual zone wine fridge has all the bells and whistles to keep the most expensive bottles fresh. The wine cabinet holds up to 160 bottles and has two cooling zones to keep the red and whites at their optimum temperature. The collection is protected by the triple-pane glass. The beautiful outer design of the cooler is easy to fit in the chicest kitchens and bar areas. The NewAir dual zone wine fridge is the perfect wine fridge for the serious wine collector because of its 160bottle storage capacity and triple-pane insulated glass. The stand-alone design fits perfectly against the wall, and the beechwood shelves are easy to use. State-of-the-art storage for both red and white wines can be found in the NewAir dual zone wine fridge. There are two cooling zones to set appropriate temperatures for red and white wine.

It may be difficult to fit in the desired area.

Key Features designed to be built-in, but can also be freestanding are available for an additional cost.

  • Fits up to 160 bottles

New Air has triple glass doors for insulation and protection.

  • Size: 26.90″D (28.75″ w/handle) x 23.50″W x 69.30″H
  • Weight: 222 lbs

How to choose a wine fridge.

It may seem like choosing the right wine fridge is hard. The model best for your home can be found here.

Know The Space Available

It’s important to measure the space you intend to house the cooler in prior to purchase because the New Air 160 Bottle dual zone compressor may have overwhelming curb appeal. When you have enough counter space in your kitchen or bar area, freestanding wine coolers are perfect. The larger models need their own spot, unlike a normal fridge or kitchen appliance. If you want to replace your regular fridge with a wine cooler, we don’t judge. You have to eat as well.

Know Your Budget

Wine coolers can run a range of prices. If you have a lower budget, you should decide which extras you can live without. It is worth an added expense to ensure your bottles are aged correctly. Wine enthusiasts who frequent the sale aisle may decide that it is enough to keep the bottles cool and ready to consume.

Know The Temperature Options

You can set the temperature of the wine fridges. This is an important feature to look for while researching. White wine should be served at between 43 and 50 degrees F and red wine should be served at 60 to 65 degrees F.

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