How to Buy Sustainable Yoga Clothes

How to Buy Sustainable Yoga Clothes

15 Best Brands for Sustainable Yoga Clothes

Organic and sustainable yoga pants with pockets and brands with yoga mats are included in the guide.

With the times changing so quickly, rolling out the yoga mats in the morning is the fuel for the entire day.

With the practice of yoga, one can connect with their inner calm.

It is difficult to connect with the world around you when we buy clothes that are hurting the earth.

Investing in sustainable yoga clothes from eco-friendly brands that are doing their part to be more thoughtful and help protect the planet is important.

It is easy to overlook the impact of our clothing on the environment.

Most clothing is full of toxins that are harmful to the environment.

I have put together a list of the best places to buy ethical yoga wear since it can be hard to know where to begin.

The guide to the best brands for sustainable yoga clothes will show you how to do the downward dog.

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Overview: The Top 5 Sustainable Yoga Clothing Brands

Check prices here for TenTree Plant trees with every purchase, Yoga Democracy Fun, and all the helpful accessories, and BOODY Made with bamboo, which is extra eco-friendly.

1. Wolven

Price Range: $58- $108

Favorite Sustainable Item: Noor Legging

Wolven is one of the most stand-out brands when it comes to sustainable yoga clothes.

The brand was founded by Kiran Jade.

Wolven cares about the planet and takes steps to protect it.

The company uses recycled materials natural yoga wear to create yoga clothes that are comfortable and sustainable.

All of the items you will find are soft and durable.

Anyone who likes to make a statement without sacrificing comfort should buy the fun eco yoga clothes.

Check prices here

2. Reprise

The price range is between 15 and 18 dollars.

Reprise found its solution in plants.

Reprise is a plant-based clothing store that has built its store with the planet in mind and has managed to create soft and durable clothes in the process.

Reprise makes sure no plastic is in its products, including being 100% polyester-free.

The company uses organic cotton and dyes.

Reprise wants to eliminate spandex in the future and make a stretchy plant-based alternative.

In addition to great eco-friendly yoga clothes, you will find yoga accessories like the Chakra Energy Yoga Mat to help align the energy.

Check prices here

3. Manduka

The Movement Tank is the most sustainable item.

Manduka is a one-stop-shop for yoga lovers.

Manduka has the market covered with top-notch yoga products.

All of the yoga clothing is made using recycled materials. Manduka is a great option for yoga clothes.

The sustainable lifestyle includes yoga clothes.

Manduka has an extensive collection of yoga mats that are all latex-free.

The mats have a lifetime guarantee to make them extra eco-friendly.

Many of their accessories, such as their yoga mats, are made with recycled water bottles.

Manduka does it’s part to offset the rest of its environmental footprint by using eco-friendly materials.

The Manduka ethos is that comfortable and durable organic yoga clothes should be accessible and affordable, so it keeps all products at wallet friendly prices.

Check prices here

4. prAna

Price Range: $39- $90

Favorite Sustainable Item: Summit Jogger

Hinduism defines prana as a life-granting force, and that is how I can define this yoga clothes brand to you.

In everything they do, prAna is dedicated to both social and environmentalsustainability.

All of the brand’s materials are fair trade, eco-friendly, and ethicallysourced, and they only work with companies that meet these standards.

Ensuring safe working environments for employees is one of the things that all manufacturing factories have to do.

The prAna yoga clothes are made from organic and recycled materials. One of the best recycled clothing brands is it.

At prAna you can find ethical yoga clothing that lasts, including yoga leggings with pockets and fun colors.

You don’t have to worry about the impact on the environment when shopping for yoga clothing, sweaters, and hoodies.

If you are looking for useful gifts for outdoor lovers, prAna has cute headbands, bandanas, and chalk bags.

Check prices here


Favorite sustainable item is Active blended high waist full leggings with pocket.

BOODY is one of the best sustainable brands out there for both men and women.

They sell a small amount of everything. One of my favorite sustainable underwear brands is BOODY.

They have great yoga clothes and other stuff.

The brand wants to bring comfort, soft and eco-friendly fabrics to the wearer.

The main fabric in the products is organically grown Bamboo viscose.

Bamboo uses less water to grow and produces more oxygen than other trees, making it an eco-friendly alternative to other fabrics.

They donate part of their profits to environmental causes and ensure fair wages and working conditions for all workers.

BOODY is a great choice when it comes to eco yoga clothes because they use 100% recycled and eco-friendly packaging.

Check prices here

6. People Tree

The most sustainable item is Pocket cycling shorts.

People Tree is a brand that promotes people and passion as well as preventing harm to the environment.

Natural fibers and closed-looped systems are used by People Tree. The majority of their products are made of organic cotton.

They are one of the top organic cotton clothing brands.

All of the products are hand-woven, hand-embroidered, and hand-dyed and employees are guaranteed fair wages.

There is a lot of different clothing options and accessories at People Tree.

There are many options for outdoor gifts for women.

One of the best vegan brands is People Tree. Make sure to double-check that they use wool in their products.

Check prices here

7. TenTree

The InMotion Mesh Insert Legging is the most sustainable item.

One of the most popular sustainable yoga brands is Ten Tree.

They follow ethical manufacturing, use sustainable materials, and plant trees.

Ten Tree will plant ten trees for every purchase.

The brand only uses organic, plant-based materials, like cotton, and recycled plastic.

If you are looking for the best clothing brands, TenTree is a good choice.

They are on their way to eliminating virgin plastic from their shipping process.

Everything at TenTree is made with both the Earth and comfort in mind.

You can also track the progress of your trees by contributing to planting them.

You can buy sustainable yoga clothing from Ten Tree.

Check prices here

8. Dharma Bums

Motion 7/8 Legging is the most sustainable item.

You can buy sustainable yoga clothes from Dharma Bums, a brand that has roots in Australia.

This brand is different from others because of its all-inclusive efforts for reducing its carbon footprint while never compromising comfort and style.

Supima cotton is one of the materials used in the products of the Dharma Bums.

Everything is made of 100% plastic-free material.

Dharma Bums offers a wide range of sustainable yoga leggings, from flare bottoms to exciting color prints.

Check prices here

9. Girlfriend Collective

The price range is $30 to $90.

One of the best yoga brands is Girlfriend Collective.

The brand is committed to inclusivity and the environment.

Eco-friendly dyes, recycled fabrics, and 100% recyclable packaging are some of the sustainable measures that Girlfriend Collective uses.

They are committed to diversity and inclusivity, safe working conditions, and fair wages.

One of the most affordable eco-friendly clothing brands is the Girlfriend Collective.

All of the swimwear brands are offered in sizes XXS to 6X like the rest of the clothing.

Buying from their range of organic yoga clothes means you are also contributing to protecting the planet.

A new pair of yoga pants will be given to you by the collective.

Check prices here

10. Bamboo Clothing

Grace Bamboo yoga pants are the most sustainable item.

The bamboo plant is used in the production of all their clothing.

With ethically-run factories across the globe in Turkey, China, and Portugal, Bamboo clothing saves on carbon emissions by transporting most of their shipments via sea and road.

The company wants to be impact positive by the year 2030.

Bamboo can absorb up to five times more carbon than hardwood trees as it requires less water.

It’s soft and absorbent. If you try some of their yoga clothes, you will never wear anything else.

One thing that makes Bamboo clothing stand out is that they offer loose-fitting options.

Their range of hats, socks, and scarves is great for gifts for people who like to go outside.

A pair of bamboo socks could last you a long time.

Check prices here

11. Organic Basics

Price range is $47- $90 Favorite sustainable item is SilverTech.

The brand is an eco yoga store that puts the environment at the center of everything they do.

They offer a website that uses less electricity.

The goal is to make clothes that last longer while doing better for the planet.

durable basics are provided to everyone.

All of their yoga clothes and other products are made from recycled materials.

Everything is available in all-inclusive sizes in ethical factories around the world.

If you’re looking for the best yoga wear Europe has to offer, Organic Basics is a great choice.

Check prices here

12. Beyond Yoga

The most sustainable item is Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging.

If you are looking for sustainable yoga clothes, then you have found the right place.

Beyond Yoga has a wide range of yoga apparel.

They have an exclusive maternity-friendly yoga line which includes maternity leggings and tanks.

The brand is great for outdoor lovers as they offer eco-friendly biker shorts and joggers.

The brand aims to be more inclusive and break the boundaries set by the industry.

Beyond Yoga uses recycled materials and waterless printing to reduce its carbon footprint.

All of the products are shipped in Polybags.

Check prices here

13. Made Trade

The most sustainable item is the four-way recycled top-phyr.

Made Trade works with sustainable brands from around the world to find the best products for you.

They sell sustainable yoga clothing, vegan winter coats, furniture, and jewelry.

The website makes it easy to find products and brands that are Fair Trade, vegan, woman, or made in the USA.

Many of the brands and products fall into more than one of these categories, and their range of organic yoga clothing is from eco-conscious brands.

Made Trade was able to offset 100% of the company’s carbon emissions.

Check prices here

14. Yoga Democracy

The best sustainable item is the printed yoga leggings of the holaca.

If you’re looking for fun, bold designs in yoga clothes, Yoga Democracy is the place to go.

One of the most extensive collections of ethical yoga wear is available with dozens of different designs and colors to choose from.

There are a few different designs of the printed yoga clothes, which come in a few different styles.

These yoga clothes are made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets and do not use water.

The company reuses or recycles all of its scraps so that they don’t end up in the trash.

1% for the Planet uses a portion of their profits to help protect the planet.

All of Yoga Democracy’s products are designed and created in the United States.

Haley Byfield still starts sewing on every item sold.

Check prices here

15. Threads 4 Thought

Monica High Rise 7/8 Legging is the most sustainable item.

In order to be the change they wanted to see, Threads 4 Thought was created.

They wanted to change the ethical standards within the fashion industry by leaving a small footprint and helping out impoverished communities.

Threads 4 Thought only works with suppliers and factories that meet strict accreditation standards.

Fair wages and working conditions for all employees are guaranteed by all of the factories they work with.

When it comes to sustainable yoga clothes, Threads 4 Thought only uses the best materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester.

The impact of each product and whether or not it is carbon neutral can be found on their website.

They have an awesome selection of sustainable leggings and yoga wear.

Check prices here

There is a Buying Guide for sustainable yoga clothes.

There are some things to look out for when shopping for sustainable companies in the future.

1. Transparency

A company that claims to be sustainable needs to be transparent and open about its processes.

They should be happy to prove that they are protecting the environment.

2. Responsibly-Sourced Materials

If the suppliers are certified organic, fair trade, vegan or who can guarantee animal welfare, you should always look for them.

3. Ethical Factories.

If you can, make sure that your products are made in ethical factories that ensure safe working conditions and fair wages.

This also applies to the company selling the products.

4. Just Say No to Plastics

Plastic is not a sustainable material. It stays around for hundreds of years because it can’t be composted.

On top of that, it releases toxins into the earth and into water streams, which we consume.

It’s not always possible to avoid plastic completely, in which case you should always buy recycled plastic.

Post-consumer plastic is more eco-friendly because it doesn’t add more plastic to the planet.

Short FAQ about Sustainable Yoga Clothes

What are the most sustainable yoga brands? There are many choices for yoga clothes. Manduka, Girlfriend Collective, and Yoga Democracy are some of my favorites. The best materials for yoga clothes. The best materials for yoga clothes are plants. Water bottles and recycled fabrics are alternatives. What is the best yoga store? It’s easy to find ethical yoga clothes than yoga accessories. Some yoga mats are also fantastic and durable. prAna, Reprise, and Manduka are the best.

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