Building a Web Design Portfolio

Building a Web Design Portfolio

It’s the hardest job a web designer will ever do. As a designer of your own product, you will most likely never be happy with it. I thought I would backtrack through the years to see how my online persona has evolved after releasing the latest incarnation of my own brand Siminki.

2001 (early portfolio concepts)

I gained employment as a web designer after completing a Masters in Creative Technology in 1999 and found that commercial aspects tend to outweigh the more creative ideas. I discovered some initial portfolio ideas that show the struggle I had at the time with this where I showcase more experimental work website design windsor.

2003 (first live web design portfolio)

My first web design portfolio was created in 2003 under my original brand name of Simarsh and the domain This is probably regretful due to the fact that they liked domain age. I was proud of my first personal online space and still remember the buzz I got from seeing visitors from all over the world come to see my work. I loved the cool sites that were around then and designed something that was quite minimal. The transitions and interaction on the site really add to the look of the site.

2006 ( version 2)

The second version of the Simarsh web design portfolio was created around the end of 2006 and was influenced by my switch to web standards based web design and the power ofCSS I was experimenting with the new way of working over the cumbersome flash workflows when I embraced it recently. This is probably my least favorite version of my portfolios as I felt it lacked direction and character as I struggled with a clear vision of the brand.

2009 (siminki)

I decided to start from scratch because I was unhappy with the Simarsh website. I thought I would use the nickname Siminki to try something a little bit more adventurous. I used the Russian sounding name as a basis for the brand and design. The site was featured on Smashing Magazine in a feature called 50 Fresh Portfolio Websites for Your Inspiration, which is still one of the leading websites in the industry. This is what they had to say about creating a portfolio.

The creation of a personal portfolio website is the most challenging task for designers as it should reveal the talent and some special unique style of its author.

The Siminki web design portfolio was described.

The designer likes experimenting and most daring ideas. Or maybe it is just a trick to keep people here longer? This portfolio is worth a look.

May 2012 (siminki 2)

It was time to create another version of the portfolio after I got the chance to go full time. The previous version got good exposure, but lacked the professionalism I needed to get the Siminki brand up and running. I was involved in helping to improve conversion on a popular ecommerce site so I decided to apply some of the processes to my own site and get some feedback. I asked a number of questions, like “What are your first impressions?” and “What information can you recall about the page?”

The feedback was generally good but there was one comment that the headline copy was hard to read. I tinkered with the title and eventually released a responsive one page version of my new site which resulted in exposure on design galleries and client inquiries.

August 2012 (siminki 3)

I needed to add case studies and build on them. The framework needed a solution with a loyal community and solid framework, and that’s why I created the firstCMS for my portfolio with the help of theWordPress. I added content and tinkered with the styling. The response has far exceeded my expectations and has led to a lot of exposure in the design community and high rankings on the web. The site has been featured in many portfolio design round up lists as an inspiration and also as a site of the day on Line 25.

I look for deep and meaningful insights into the design decisions of others as I review websites to feature here for Site of the Day. I like a website design that is beautiful. There is a website for a UK-based web designer and developer. I really like the finished product, even though I could find technical nuances that work for different reasons. The style is very popular right now. I like the designer’s use of color, combination of fonts and illustrations that offer both style and meaning. I just love it.

September 2016 (siminki 4)

It has been four years since I last updated my portfolio. The last design gave me a steady stream of work, but I needed a refresh to showcase new work, client feedback and updated skills. As clients realize that the problem is not always traffic but what happens after they click, Conversion Rate Optimisation is becoming popular. I wanted to get across my knowledge and experience in this area with a simpler design and a fresh colour scheme.

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