Best International SIM Card for Europe Review

Best International SIM Card for Europe Review

Our best international sim card for Europe will keep you connected on the road. It’s important that you have the ability to call home when you’re in Europe. If you want to use international roaming on your cellphone, you have to pay for calls and data in Europe, but it’s free if you use your current cellphone. If you want all the calls and data at a fraction of the cost, you should look for the best sim card that has data.

You can wait until you land and hope for a sim kiosk at the airport, or until you pass a local cell phone store, but our options will allow you to hit the ground running as soon as your plane lands so you can call that ride hailing service and be on your way to your Three of the best international sim cards for Europe are going to be reviewed to show how they can keep you connected to the internet while you are in Europe.

There is a review of the best international sim card.

Orange Holiday Europe Prepaid SIM Card

2 hours of calls and 1,000 texts can be used in any of the valid countries to call worldwide, and it includes calling the USA. It works out to be about 0.41 per minute.

The international calling code for France is +33, so anyone calling from the USA will need to use the French phone number that comes with the sim card. The number can be shared with family and friends if you have a booklet with the sim card.

Data Included and Data Costs

The fastest data standard in Europe for mobile devices is the 4G networks of Europe, and you can get 10 gigabytes of data for the price of the card. The cost is the same as 0.02 per MB to help you compare it with other cards. tethering your laptop or other device to the internet is possible with the data.


You can use the card for 14 days after you first use it. The website is based in Europe, so you will be charged in euros if you go there. The top rates are valid for 14 days. It’s valid for 1 week or 3 gigabytes, whichever is greater, for top ups for only data.


The card is valid in 30 countries. All of the main ones like France, Italy, UK, Spain, and Germany are included, but there are some more obscure locations and islands that are not covered by many cards. The Azores, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands and Madeira are included.

Pros Orange Holiday Europe Prepaid SIM Card

  • Low per MB charges
  • 2 hours talk time included
  • 2,000 texts included
  • Can tether devices for data usage

Cons Orange Holiday Europe Prepaid SIM Card

  • Not usable outside Europe
  • All top-ups charged in euros

There is a review of the best international sim card.

KnowRoaming Global SIM Card

Local networks in over 200 countries can be reached with the KnowRoaming Global SIM Card. It works with unlocked phones and includes vVoice, Text and 4G data without roaming fees.


You have the option to purchase additional international numbers using the knowroaming app, which comes with the card.

Pros SIM Card

  • Can be used in over 200 countries
  • Activation date can be pre-set
  • Top up data charges only $0.01 per MB

Cons SIM Card

  • Some users could not get it to work
  • Landline calls have separate charges.

There is a review of the best international sim card.

Europe SIM Cards – Amazon Best Sellers

ChatSim International SIM Card

There are over 150 countries in which to use the global sim card to chat with your friends.

  • You can chat for free with any of the instant messaging apps.
  • There are more than 250 operators in over 150 countries that you can connect your phone to.
  • You will be connected to the provider with the best coverage in the world.
  • You can chat with your friends with the help of the most used chat apps unlimited data sim.

Those who like to use chat services will find this card useful. You can chat for free with any of the instant messaging apps. Incoming calls will be free of charge if you charge it with funds, and outgoing calls will be charged with funds. If the data used is less than 15 MB, it is almost certain that there will be no limit to the amount of data used. 15,000 messages are equivalent to 15 MB of chat text. Data is charged at 0.25 per megabyte if you want to browse the internet.

There is a review of the best international sim card.


There are three very different offers for the best international sim card for Europe and they appeal to different travelers. If you use chat apps to communicate with your family and friends while you are in Europe, you can continue to do so for a very small cost with the Travel chat sim.

For the most minutes for calls and texts, the Orange card is the one to go for, with 2 hours of calls and 200 texts included.

The lowest data charges for topping up are found in the Mobal sim card, which costs just $0.01 per MB. You will be happy to know that your purchase will help African charities.

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