Best Android Screen Recorder Apps – 20 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android

Best Android Screen Recorder Apps – 20 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android

Some people will share a video of how they play their favorite games on the internet. It is often seen in an online game where a group of friends can play together. Sometimes we have to learn or teach things to remote areas. Showing our screens can help us learn. You can install some of the best screen recorder apps from the PlayStore in such a case.

Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

There are fake screen recorder apps on the PlayStore. I can’t give you a list of the worst apps as they would be bigger than you think. Don’t waste your time by installing the wrong one and instead look at the best screen recorder apps on the market.

1. Screen Recorder, Video Recorder, V Recorder Editor

You can use the Screen Recorder to record gaming time. The best screen recorder app is available in the PlayStore. You can use this app to record your screen and share it with others. You can use this app to make music and effects. Millions of users are using this app to enjoy exciting features. It seems interesting. You can find more features here.

Important Features

It’s easy to make video clips.

You can learn the way to use it.

You can make video files with high quality.

One-touch recording option nation creator for quick recording.

Tons of professional video editing functions are available.


2. Screen Recorder

The new screen recorder app is named after what it was used to do. It’s a screen recorder. Video games are the most popular in this app. You can use both the front and back cameras of your device to record the stream.

You can see your reaction with a short screen on the display. Don’t know how to do it? The app has a perceivable guide that shows you all the things you can do with it.

Important Features

The whiteboard screen can be used to teach.

You can use live application usage mode to record the functions of other apps.

Quality and app testers are available here too.

Audio, bit rate, frame rate, and many other options can be adjusted.

There are long video files on the card.


3. AZ Screen Recorder – Video Recorder, Livestream

You can choose AZ Screen. If you prefer high-quality video, you can try this app. You can record a smooth and clear video with this app. A useful advantage of using this app is the ability to take a picture with one touch.

You can combine multiple screenshots to make a single video file. The interface of the app is simple. You won’t have a problem using any of the options.

Important Features

The video files have a resolution of 1200p and a speed of 12 Mbps.

You can record as long as you please.

A full HD video recording option is available.

You can use the system to make a Gif with your clips.

You can record both sounds.


4. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Do you like game streaming? Premium features are included in a Screen Recorder App that is free to use. The screen recorder features a lot of different effects. You will be able to record in full HD.

The app is supported by the advanced technical team and gets updates for improvements. There are no watermarks for clean streaming. No root processing is required for it to support any device from 4.4 onward.

Important Features

It’s very easy to use and doesn’t require any prior video editing experience.

The app has a lot of effects for free.

It is possible to record the screens of your phones and tablets at high resolution.

Quick one-tap operations are offered by the app, as well as tools like trim, image integration, cut, etc.

You can get regular updates from the community of users.

Mobizen also allows file saving in external storage.


5. Screen Recorder – No Adds

Screen recorder is one of the best screen video recorders that is free. It has a wide range of support for taking screen records from games. Internal sound recording is not supported by the app. Sound files can be integrated into the editing section.

It is easy to use and accessible. Some devices have internal sound recording. Is still not sure? The next section contains some useful features.

Important Features

You will be able to use a lot of built-in themes and effects.

It supports multiple languages with English.

The app can be used to record for both cameras.

You will be able to make your own caption and notes. It also supports the integration of images.

It has a Magic Button function that helps to pause, stop, and switch between pop-up information with simple taps.

It allows both internal and external storage as well as cards.


6. Rec ( Screen & Video)

If you like to use screen recording features, you can try rec. You won’t regret using it. It won’t ask you to root your device if it comes with a newer version of the OS. It is good to work faster. The audio and video recording options are also available here. There is a lot to impress you.

Important Features

You can record the video for up to an hour.

The screen has a touch frame and buttons on it.

Pause, play, and stop recording when you shake the device.

This app includes a customizable countdown timer.

You can set your favorite option as a present.

There are a lot of video editing tools here.


7. Screen Recorder – Record Your Screen

NLL has a new screen recorder app. The screen recorder app can be used on any version of the system. It requires your phone to be rootable only if it is a newer version of the OS. The app has an unlimited recording system that won’t say you’re at the limit. You can use the voice recording option to record your say.

Important Features

You can record your screen for free.

You can change the look of the video with a banner.

This app includes beautiful Android material themes.

You can record both sounds with the video.

The switch panel can be changed while recording the screen video.

Play, Pause, and stop recording now.


8. Game Screen Recorder

Game screen recorder makes it easy to stream a game It is easy to navigate, and anyone can do so. The interface of the app is nice. It works on your device. Most of the apps and games are supported by the app. Premium features can be used when streaming.

Important Features

You can record anything on the screen with this app, and you can change your apps lists.

The screen has a quick action button that you can use to go live or record.

A real-time pause/stop button is one of the useful features of the app.

You can record your device’s screen at Full HD quality.

It is completely free with unlimited access.


9. Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder

InShot Inc has a cutting-edge device. It is called a video recorder. It is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used to record your screen or game sessions. Almost all popular titles are supported. It comes with a HUD that can be controlled. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can record. It’s completely free to use and doesn’t require any knowledge on video recording.

Important Features

You can record your screen with high frame rates and clear sounds.

The app is simple to use. One tap recording is available.

You can show off your work.

You can use the app to record with cameras.

It has a built-in audio recorder that is easy to use and record great sound.

The recordings can be saved in the external storage.


There is a screen recorder for game.

It won’t make you regret it if you try it out. You can use the screen recorder app on your phone well. The app has a lot of useful features relevant to the issue. Whether it is about recording your favorite gaming time or in a video call, you can share it on your screen. I am sure that you will love the app, it is simple and you will love it.

Important Features

One tap is all it takes to start, pause, and play the recording.

The quality of the video file is 1440P Resolution, 12.0Mbps, and 60FPS.

You can record things for as long as you want.

When you need them, you can crop, cut, and remove them.

You can add text on the shots.


11. ADV Screen Recorder

This one is for you if you want to enjoy a screen recorder app for your device that won’t cover the display with its menu. It’s a screen recorder. The app doesn’t need your phone to be root in order to be full-featured. That is the reason why you will like this app so much.

It is okay if you don’t feel comfortable speaking English in this app. It supports many languages and hopes you will find your own. Want more to believe? There are more features for you.

Important Features

There are two types of engines, default and advanced.

You can draw on the screen.

You can use both cameras at the same time.

You can set a banner on the screen that you want to modify.

You can change the text on the screen.

The recorder has a play and pause button.


I own a video recorder.

Do you want a screen recorder app that won’t ask for money or root your device? You can use My Video Recorder here. You can take a shot or video clip with this app. It is very easy to use. You can record screen video whenever you please. You can save HD videos from the recorder and share them with friends. Is still not sure? Have a look.

Important Features

The screen video can be shared on different social media.

The recorded video clips have sound on them.

A full HD video with 60 frames per second.

You can add watermarks and banners to the clips.

3 seconds is all it takes to prepare as it includes Countdown.

There is a floating window on the screen.


13 The screen recorder has recording equipment.

Another powerful screen video recorder is called the Screen Recorder. While playing your favorite games, you can take a video and share it with your friends. You can use the front camera to record your reaction to it. It seems very exciting. Once you start using it, you will be able to understand how online games work. You need to be aware of the other features of the app.

Important Features

You can use the built-in microphone to amplify your voice.

The app has great resolution.

The recording time is unlimited.

The front camera video can be seen on the top of the screen.

One-touch screenshots taking option is also available.


14. Screen Recorder with Audio, Master Video Editor

There is a better audio facility with the dual video capture recorder. The screen recorder app is one of the best. You can start recording screen video with a few touches after you take a clear screen test. You don’t have to touch your phone in some cases. Shake the phone to stop the recording. This app can produce a high-quality visual effect with the video.

Important Features

If you shake your device, it will start recording the screen video.

One-touch screenshot taking and customizing option is available.

You can change the functions of the video.

You can hide the window.

The app provides 12.0 Mbps HD video quality with 1440 resolution video files.


Omlet Arcade has live stream games.

Omlet Arcade allows you to share your time with friends and the gaming community. The screen recorder app is easy to use. instant access and sharing facilities are offered on multiple platforms. The best live streaming experience is possible with the app.

You can record or stream gaming sessions. Premium features are free of charge.

Important Features

Almost all mobile games are supported.

You can use simple connection settings to stream to Omlet, Facebook, and others.

You can update its premium version at very affordable pricing that unlocks features like exclusive gaming HUD, gaming shortcut, unlimited ultra-high-resolution multi-streaming, etc.

The in-app token system is shared among teammates and streamers.

You can use real-time voice chat with your teammates.

You can join other teams and clubs for the ultimate online gaming experience.

You will need a device with the latest version of the app.


16. Assistive Touch for Android

You can save your phone’s buttons with Assistive Touch. It is a touch-supporting tool with tune-up utilities. The app has a high-quality screen recorder that can be used to record everything. It has a relatively small installation size. Take a picture of your favorite scene and share it on social platforms.

Important Features

It has a very attractive interface with lots of quick actions.

You can change the layout of your device with different options in the Quick Toggle panel.

You can record screens at full HD quality.

There is no ads or watermarks on the screen video recording.

All the features are easy to enjoy if you use the app later on in the game.

The app has a tool that speeds up the device and prolongs the battery life.


17. No Root Record Screen to Video

Record your best performance in your favorite game and share it with your friend. All the necessary tools for video streaming are included in this app. You can use the front camera to make a statement. You can change the way the video is shown. It is easy to set the audio.

Important Features

If you can’t understand the setting, you can follow the instructions.

A few taps will show the screen video on different social media.

Excellent audio is included in great video clips.

There is a built-in root checker here.

24 frames per second are provided by the app.


18. SCAR – Screen Capture and Recorder

There is a simpleUI to rock your game-sharing experience. It is now possible to record video games, video files, or even a video call with high quality video. The recorded video files are provided with clear audio and music. It doesn’t matter if you have a modern device or not, it can be used. It seems attractive. The app has more to offer.

Important Features

Shake your device to take the pictures.

There is a button to record and change the look of the screen.

You can use an in-app browser to take a picture of the web pages.

There are drawing tools that can be used.

You can change the appearance of the app by setting a color theme.


19. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

A powersoft screen recorder is the next option. The service of this app is upstanding. You can record screen video. The HD video clips that you can save from the app are the best part. Audio can be recorded with the video clips. You can use the front camera of your device to record your reactions.

Important Features

The app can give multiple recording preferences.

The resolution, bit rate, and frame rate can be adjusted.

Give your phone a shake and you’ll be recording.

This app includes a very strong privacy policy.

3 seconds is all you need to get ready.

You can change the ratio, size, and transparency of the camera to create your own videos.


20. Screen Shot & Screen Recorder

Don’t look over the Screen Shot or Screen Recorder. It is the last app I recommend today. This app has a full screen video recording system. You can use a better resolution to save the video. You can use the front camera to take pictures. Are you more likely to take a picture? The app can help you with that too.

Important Features

The app can show a windrow on the screen.

You can take screenshots with only one touch.

You can use a lot of the painting tools.

You can use the quick setting option.

Shake your device to take a picture or record a sound.


Final Verdict

Video quality, resolution, and customizability are important when choosing the best one. When taking a high-quality recorder screen video, I recommend the Mobizen Screen Recorder.

Did you see what the features are? I think you will love all of them. I can’t deny the other app’s excellence, and they all are more or less competitive enough to be the best screen recorder app on the internet.

Let me say goodbye. Share your experience with the app that you choose to try. Stay safe and connected.

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